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Endek sarong, Bali, 2012

sarong sarong detail

The curator and student docents purchased this “geringsing-style” sarong made of cheaper endek cloth while on a visit to the art studio, geringsing weaving pavilion, and textile shop of Pak Kadek, in Tenganan Dauh Tukad in summer 2012.  He is a tour guide and Tenganan history expert.  He had many fine old geringsing for sale, at the usual high prices for double ikats.  But, he also showed us this moderately priced sarong made of single ikat endek but replete with motifs taken from the holy geringsing cloths.  These endek sarongs were available for sale through the Tenganan villages, apparently with little controversy. This one is made of a cotton polyester blend whose lustrous quality and red tones evoke geringsing. The close up shows detail of the classic motif; compare to the actual geringsing, above.