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Endek sarong, Bali, 2010

sarong detail

Part of endek cloth production today in Bali is what might be called a geringsing-replica market, directed largely at Balinese buyers as opposed to foreign visitors to the island.  The famous, extremely hard-to-make double ikat geringsing cloths (shown elsewhere in the exhibition) are very expensive and many Balinese families cannot afford to pay the hundreds of dollars needed to purchase a new geringsing. These families may not have their own inherited, heirloom geringsing. So, they might be attracted to these ‘geringsing style’ sarongs made of cheaper endek cloth.  This sarong’s motifs are taken directly from the sacred geringsing yet in this endek version, the sarong is affordable.  These are woven in many regions of East Bali, including the Sidemen Valley.  The close up shows how very accurately the classic geringsing motif has been replicated on this endek sarong.