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Cocktail dress

cocktail dress
This woman’s cocktail dress is made of finely crafted endek cloth in a silk and polyester blend, in a classic international style of sophisticated city life.  The dress was designed by Nogo Shop, in Sanur beach, Bali.  Endek is a weft ikat found in East Bali and now much transformed from a cloth of the high noble classes and ritual into the stuff of cosmopolitan fashion.  Nogo Shop staff assured the curator and student docents in 2012 that this dress was always a hot item and a quick seller to international visitors.  In some contrast, elite upper middle class Indonesians are sometimes torn between revealing, international styles like this cocktail dress and modest busana Muslim, “Muslim fashion,” which is now popular with many urban Indonesian women. Bali itself is mostly Hindu but Balinese women would likely find this dress “too Western.” Nogo Shop’s endek wares are thus positioned in fashion worlds in flux.