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Man’s bathrobe, endek cloth

man's bathrobe
man's bathrobe detail


This man’s bathrobe is made of higher-end endek cloth, a weft ikat manufactured today in East Bali, Indonesia. The bathrobe was sold in 2012 at Nogo Endek Shop in Sanur, Bali. The bathrobe has a Japanese style, in line with the tastes of some of Nogo’s international clientele. Much of Nogo’s endek uses abstract patterns, like the motifs shown here on the back of this item.  Since the early 20th century endek design has been pushed away from figural designs (the God Wisnu, naga snakes, mythical garuda birds) toward abstract shapes.  See close up of this. Is Nogo endek poised to make the big hop into New York and Los Angeles clothing markets?