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geringsing geringsing detail

Geringsing weaving and dyeing in Tenganan is heavily traditionalized and the purported “ancientness” of the motif structures and colors of these double ikats is much celebrated in this village cluster.  However, in fieldwork in 2012 and earlier fieldwork by Susan Rodgers and Holy Cross Class of 2011 student Robin Cumella in 2010, we found that a “new-style geringsing” has been invented: the indigo blue version shown here.

This is an unorthodox geringsing along several dimensions: it veers far away from the standard geringsing color pallet of blood red, blue/black, and cream/tan; it substitutes a new motif for the usual Mandala designs.  This new motif is actually an old Balinese one: the Goddess Cili, the familiar Rice Goddess of bountiful harvests. From interviews with one of this cloth’s promoters (and inventors) we suspect that this new blue geringsing may have been created to meet market demand among tourists who like attractive figural designs on ikats (like the animals and spirits that feature so prominently on East Sumba ikats).