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Tenganan villages, East Bali, Indonesia
Double ikat, handspun cotton, natural dyes, 2010
Anne and John Summerfield Textile Study Collection
Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Art Gallery, College of the Holy Cross

geringsing geringsing detail

This is another traditional-style and heavily conventionalized geringsing in terms of motifs and color scheme.  In Tenganan the colors relate to Gods: red symbolizes Brahma, black symbolizes Vishnu, and brown symbolizes Siwa. The motifs point to Tenganan’s physical layout as a cosmic village and to its Bali Aga residents’ relationship to the world of the Gods. Urs Ramseyer’s chapter, “Geringsing: Magical Protection and Communal Identity” in B. Hauer-Schaublin et al, Balinese Textiles (1991: 116-135) provides extensive information about this special double ikat.