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Kain Limar woman's sarong
Palembang Malay people, South Sumatra
Cotton polyester, commercial dyes, metal-wrapped threads
Ikat with supplementary weft
Anne and John Summerfield Textile Study Collection
Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Art Gallery

kain limar

A contemporary kain limar cloth from the city of Palembang, made of cotton-polyester blend threads and metal-wrapped threads as supplementary wefts.  A kain limar is an old sort of Malay World cloth that combines ikat work in the center of the textile with songket supplementary weft decoration in metallic thread along the selvedge bands and bottom and top. Note how the overall design of this kain limar mimics the general aesthetic plan of a patola. Bright colors such as this red/pink tone are now all the rage among Palembang Malay families, who often have collections of new and old kain limar if they have enough money.