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2012 Fieldwork

Our research team (Professor Susan Rodgers, student docents Hana Carey, ’13, Tricia Giglio, ’14, Martha Walters, ’14) was fortunate to have generous funding from the Andrew W. Mellon program for joint faculty/student summer research in the humanities and social sciences, at Holy Cross.  This allowed us to do nine weeks of intensive study of the ikat textiles in the exhibition in summer 2012.  We spent the first three weeks on campus in intensive study of the published scholarship on Southeast Asian textiles. Cantor Art Gallery director Roger Hankins helped us to work directly with the ikats slated to be in the exhibition.  We then spent 20 days in Bali and five days in Kuching, interviewing ikat producers and consumers.  The last weeks of the summer project was spent back on campus, consolidating our fieldwork findings and photographs and videos of weavers at work.  During fall semester 2012 the research team did a Directed Research course in anthropology, designing and writing our website. The following photographs illustrate some of our fieldwork in Southeast Asia.